Utopian Vision 

I often dream of some wonderland ,

And maybe all of you’ll can’t understand.
People might think I’m insane,
But have you thought of a world without any pain?
A world where each of us live carefree under the same sky,
And not even a negative thought in our mind passes by .
Cause in present scenario annihilation  makes us horrify .
But the least we can do is try ,that all of our bad deeds nullify.
Try to create a world where each human knows what is humanity.
Where people are not forced to change their personality for society.
Where diverse religions exist but no discrimination .
Where every little child gets exposure to education.
Yes, that will be the kind of an ideal nation !

Are we fit enough??

To all those people who think we are not exercising daily.  Let me tell you that isn’t  true.. You don’t believe me right? So here we go,

We ‘Jump’ to conclusions
We ‘Throw’ our weight around
We ‘Stretch’ the truth
We ‘Bend’ the lies
We ‘Break’ the rules
We ‘Run’ from our mistakes
We ‘Lift’ our egos
We tend to ‘Strike off’ positivity from our lives
We ‘Serve’ bitter words for others

We all are absolutely fit!!

Life so iffy

Time passes in the blink of an eye..It made me realise that things are  temporary  and we have to bid it bye.. 

It taught me how to be unfettered and the  attitude never say die!
 As a kid the life was so simple , no hatred no worries just smiling with a dimple ..
Now as we’ve grown the colors of people life has shown .Earlier it was our books but now  it is the  feelings that are torn !
 But we shouldn’t lament ,
 Start living for yourself and don’t give a damn to people’s judgement!
Whenever  life knocks you down roll over and look at the stars!
Smile like an idiot it will help you to heal all the scars!